Apple Sourcing Analysis

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The Sourcing Plan Rafdahl (2014) believed that strategic sourcing is critical for a business to remain competitive. Apart from this, it is through sourcing plan that a company is able to sustain its future growth potential. Relative to this assertion, it is vital for Apple Inc. to align its procurement processes and supplier choices not only with the demands of its consumers but also the demands of business in general. Rafdahl (2014) provided 7 steps for a company to maximize its sourcing effort. Apple Inc. can consider this step by step process to meet future demands. 1. Initial Spend Analysis. In this step, Rafdahl (2014) mentioned that there is a need to review and classify the expenses of the company. This should be done by category. For…show more content…
Market Analysis. Rafdahl (2014) asserted that companies should have a list not only of incumbent suppliers, but also potential alternative ones. In line with this assertion, it is significant for Apple Inc. to know suppliers which have good service reputations. Further, the company must also determine what the suppliers can offer, such as its expertise to meet Apple's high standard and its ability to fulfill both the present and future needs. Apart from these, the suppliers should consistently deliver quality products and services, and promote ideas and products that would advance Apple's competitiveness, profitability, and success. 4. Strategy. Although Apple’s strategy is already commendable, it is necessary for the company to develop strategies to meet the changing conditions of business. Rafdahl (2014) believed that in doing so, it should consider the collaborative efforts it must undertake together with its suppliers to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. Further, Apple must yearn to enhance its business' process so that its products are also improved. Considerably, there is also a need for Apple to have inventory reduction and reengineer its products to improve the company's efficiency and
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