Apple & Starbucks

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In 2007, Apple and Starbucks became partners in the venture of iTunes store. Over time, another entity entered the equation, AT&T. What does this mean to the customer, the dependability of each to provide superior services to their respective products and services? As it is seen within the IT infrastructure, each entity needs to present certain services to keep up the maintenance of the services on each level, to a point to where one, in an ideal world, for logistical reasons, communicate with each other in case of failure.

As was discussed previously, the partnership between Apple ITunes and Starbucks to develop the ITunes store, has added, in fact, a third entity, AT&T. AT&T
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Under the terms of the agreement, Unisys will support Starbucks operations in several countries including: retail stores, regional and district support centers, and manufacturing facilities.
The range of IT management and infrastructure services encompasses service and help desk services to single-point-of-contact assistance; data center services, network and server monitoring and support; equipment procurement, configuration and maintenance, as well as asset tracking and installs, moves, adds, and changes for a wide range of devices.
It will also include business continuity and recovery consulting services and global program management to plan, implement and coordinate service delivery. The vendor will additionally provide IT security services for Starbucks North American operations. With Starbucks now handling the technology of technology, Apple from a logistic point will only have to handle iTunes. Of course Starbucks would have to outsource to another company to handle the technology of iTunes store. This in turn actually saves them time and money.

When Apple became partners with Starbucks, they opened the iTunes store. From this point, the site is maintained by Apple. If there is a failure with iTunes, Apple
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