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Important Events Affecting Apple, Inc. Stock There have been numerous events that affected Apple Stock. The events will be detailed below, and how much a particular event affected Apple, Inc. stock. Events that affected Apple stock could range from unveiling of a new and a promising innovative product or disappointing earnings. The following briefs important events affecting Apple stock over 1 year. - April 19, 2006: Apple Computer, Inc. announced that it expected its third quarter revenues to be around $4.2-$4.4 billion, GAAP earnings of $.39-$.43 per share, translating to non-GAAP earnings of $.43-$.47 per share. Analysts expect non-GAAP earnings of $0.47 per share on revenues of $4.72 billion in the same period. - May 8, 2006:…show more content…
The committee did find evidence of irregularities related to a January 2002 grant. - December 27, 2006: Federal Officials investigated whether former Apple Computer Inc. officials forged documents to maximize executives' profit from stock options. - January 9, 2007: Apple, Inc. unveiled Apple TV and IPHONE TV to conquer new technology markets since the company launched the original iPod in October 2001. Apple's stock increased by $7.10 a share, or 8.3%, to an all-time closing high of $92.57. Final Thoughts I do not believe that Apple is doing a splendid job in regards to its competitors. Over the course of one year, Apple's stock performance was lower than Microsoft, HP, and Cisco. Although, there has been a great euphoria over Apple's Iphone, I personally believe that it is quite exaggerated. For $599, it is an expensive phone and is tied to Cingular. As a subscriber of Sprint, and whose contract is about to expire, I see no reason in switching to Cingular to adopt Iphone when it arrives. I am quite a fan of latest gadgets - I bought Microsoft Zune the day it came out just to see how it works in comparison to Ipod. I am pretty sure that there will be numerous competitors to Apple who will deliver products just as good as Iphone, and and at a much cheaper price. More importantly, one that is not tied to a wireless provider. Apple is calling it simply an innovation in phones. I am not sure how it will stand against Sprint's Wimax (when
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