Apple Store Fifth Avenue, Us

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Apple Store Fifth Avenue, US

Apple Store 5th Avenue, USA

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Company is present through a number of high premium technology products with exploration of luxury products through its unique Apple Watch Edition and Apple Watch Hermès made in cooperation with the famous luxury brand. Apple is being positioned as a premium or upper premium brand due to its large volume of sales and the fact that its products aren’t highly unique and cannot be severely customised by the company itself, with the exclusion of the Apple Watch.
Apple Watch Hermès, 2015

From the financial perspective Apple Inc. is one of the world leaders and is classified as World’s most valuable tech company with just recently being listed on DOW (Dow Jones Industrial Average) index. In 2015 Apple has posted results of one of the highest net sales reported of $233,7 billion with the profits ranging in $52.5 billion this fiscal year. Also Apple has done one of its biggest research and development investments since the company foundation of $8,1 billion. (Apple Inc., 2015).

Current Industry Conditions

Apple is present on a number of markets through various models from direct presence to franchise or joint-venture. Company is currently counting more than four hundred fifty retail stores worldwide. Biggest markets are China and United Sates of America with strong significance of Europe and South Asia and Australian markets (Business Insider, 2015).

The markets in which Apple currently operates are highly competitive and the brand is
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