Apple Stp Analysis.

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APPLE I phone.

The I phone belongs to the line of smart phones which are designed & marketed by Apple Inc, the mobile operating system is iOS also known as the “I phone OS”, the very first generation of this phone was introduced back in 2007 and the most recent and the innovation in the product is in the form of I phone 5 i.e. the sixth generation which was released in 2012, the device includes a virtual keyboard and the user interface is built around the multi-touch screen, the device has outstanding wifi and cellular connectivity( 2G,3G, 4G and LTE). (Mossberg, 2006).
I phone is just more than a phone, it can shoot videos, click pictures, play music, sending and
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It never modifies itself but its target segment is such that they get in line with the apple products despite of the premium they are charging just because of the uniqueness and individuality in their product, as the tagline says “Think Differently”. It is doing the best of thing by targeting the right market and overtaking it with quality without looking at the traditional patterns of sales, it just overlooks the fact of not having the largest share in the Smartphone’s market as it is not made for chasing those old goals, it does not changes its products faster by adding rapid features as per the competitors, it does only when the product is ready for that.( Parrack D, 2007)
It generally follows a PRICE skimming strategy that is capturing the cream of the society by making premium segments its customers and then gradually reducing the prices at the end.
It keeps on adding on to the functionality of the PRODUCT by adding new and innovative features and maintaining the price bar of the product particularly for the price-sensitive segment.
The DISTRIBUTION is strictly limited to the selected channels and outlets including the official Apple stores, the new models will stimulate channels and drive sales.
DISCOUNTS are unlikely to be received on the Apple phones; there might be some cellular data or network operator schemes that you

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