Apple Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

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High price is the major weakness of Apple because there is a strong completion in market now, and the consumer of Apple products can easily obtain the similar function products by its competitors in a lower price. Decreasing market share can be caused to less influence its customers to using closed ecosystem of Apple. Apple Company is often blamed by other companies to disobeying their patents and also it has lost some trials as well. Such type of things can damage Apple’s reputation in market. In 2012, Tim Cook became a new CEO after the death of Steve Jobs, which was the biggest loss for Apple Company. After some time John Browett and Scott Forstall left the firm, this posed negative impact on management.
In tech industry, Apple’s gross profit margin is highest but according to fear of forecasters that Apple’s current margin will not be continued due to increasing in prices and tough competition.
Apple’s market share will be increase due to high demand of iPad and iPad mini in tablet market and this will help company to use as competitive advantage. Apple TV sales will be increased due to the improvement to the iTV Brand.
Smartphone and tablet markets are growing which is a good opportunity for Apple to expand their market share in these markets.
Collecting damages from competitors because companies sometimes violated Apple’s patent. So such types of factors can be used by Apple as to damage the competitor’s image on market and collecting damages

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