Apple : The Best Brand Of All Time

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Apple has become the world most valuable brand of all time, and more importantly it remains the company whose approach to technology and design is a standard for others. Apple has a huge network base of loyal customers around the world. The brand its self is known for it unique styling and interfaces. Apple has a long history with a lot of ups and downs. In 1985 Apple’s board member thought Steve Jobs is the main reason for Apples downfall and by getting rid of him will solve the problem. In reality Apple was worthless without its innovator Steve Jobs. When Jobs was forced to leave the people that were left in charge were not following the model he left which was basically pestering employees to do better.

One of the main reasons behind Apple’s success is making sure that they value their customer’s and their opinions. Apple is all about creating the next big product that can do something that the last one couldn’t, for example the difference between iPhone 4 and 4’s, by simply adding a new feature called Siri. Customers always appreciate Apple’s ability to create and continued strive to create the most innovative products on the market. They are obsessed with creating the wow product for the market that will stun customers and make them say, “I have to have it”. Apple engages in the Focused differentiation strategy. They are focused on computing devices like iPhone, iPod, and their computers. This was considered to be Apple’s most unique characteristics. Devices such as
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