Apple : The World 's Most Valuable Brand

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According to Forbes, Apple is the world 's most valuable brand. Apple has been one of the most important leaders in innovation. Their products and services revolutionized technology and changed the way we interact with others. Although they are a successful company, they certainly have had different failures. This paper will discuss some of Apple’s successes, failures, culture and how Apple’s actions apply to the TCOs.
Starting with the company’s success, I think that one of Apple’s big success was their company name. They chose to name the company “Apple”. At the time, computers were very expensive, large in size, and complicated to operate. A very few amount of people had the knowledge to operate computers when they first debuted.
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It was very easy to move between playlist and singers, also the way that the volume control worked was new, innovated and brilliant. The click wheel helped users to become accustomed to convenience and depth at their fingertips 2. Apple presented something completely new, with a new concept, technology and it was really easy to use.

Although Apple has been a successful company and a leader in innovation for years, they have had some failures with certain products and services. Apple Newton MessagePad was one of them. This devices was consider one of the first PDA. An Apple Newton was basically a handheld communications assistant with a touch-screen. One of the main features was to translate handwriting into text. For many user was consider ahead of its time. One of the main problems was that the built-in handwriting recognition system was accurate. It was not very accurate to translate handwriting. Another problem was the battery 3. It was poorly design so it ended up imposed restriction because the battery life was very short. Also, the Apple Newton was too large and very heavy. It was almost one pound. For these reasons this product had a short life.

An Apple failure that I witnessed was Apple Maps. Apple’s plan was to replace Google maps for their own mapping system for iOS. Apple decided to buy maps from about 24 different suppliers and display it using their own software. Also, Apple bought map data from restaurant and store listings from Yelp,
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