Apple Versus Android Comparitive Essay

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In today’s society cellular devices are not only popular in the United States, but in many other countries worldwide. Not only do cell phones contribute to one’s personal life, but business use as well. Most people have hectic lives, and using a device to help schedule appointments, send out mass text messages, or even remind you to call back your boss, is unimaginably convenient. Cell phones within the past five years have reached mile stones compared to the phones used back when cell phones were first invented. Even though there is still a diverse range for cell phones on the market, the two most popular brands seem to create an argument on choosing the right phone, Apple and Android. Each with impressively fast processors, and new…show more content…
Apple products such as the iPhone, have a wide range of numerous features that make life a little easier while dealing with the everyday work and school schedule. When comparing the newest phones from Apple and Android there are many differences. The iPhone 5 is a bit pricier than that of the Android based Samsung Galaxy 3, but the perks of being an iPhone owner come with the price. The quality of the iPhone is most definitely worth the upcharge, and consequently one will be happier in the long run when wanting to choose a phone that is user friendly as well as technologically stable. When comparing the speed of the phone, which is also a large factor, they both are exactly the same at ‘4G’. The Galaxy 3 comes with 16GB of space as the iPhone can have as much as 64 GB. With the convenience of having cameras and video cameras on phones, they both have the same camera, which is 8MP. One of the factors that a majority of users prefer is the sleek design of the iPhone. Android coming in with a 4.8 inch screen, compared to the iPhone which only has a 4 inch screen. The weight and bulkiness is another factor to picking a phone. The iPhone is in fact lighter than Android’s Galaxy 3. Lastly, the iPhone battery life seems to last longer opposed to the Android Galaxy 3. According to the research obtained to compare the two most popular brands of phones, “Released at the end of September, the iPhone 5 undoubtedly gave Apple the boost it needed to rise up

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