Apple Vs. Android Market

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A total of 96.8 percent of phones out in the word are either iphones or androids according to the 2015 recorded phone sales. Since 2010 apple and and android has been fighting and competing with each other trying to achieve that top of the smartphone market. It all started when Samsung released their bread new Galaxy S. This phone was identical to the iphone, having similar looks and similar icons. Many people consider this new Androids product better at this moment because android has been out for a longer time, and still provide mind blowing devices like this one. This situation made apple very furious because this new android device was a replica of their iphone. The market prices went crazy and people started favoring androids because how they looked and acted just like an iphone and it was and a completely different price range. There forward androids started selling more than their own iphone. This made apple step up their game in production and started listen to people 's comments. This is when the real fight begins. This is when people started seeing that apple in general is better than android offering more to the people and offering what they asked for.
They are many categories that can be made to explain why did people starting choosing apple products and not android products. The number one category that people requested for the next iphone generation to have and improve in there looks and appearances. The times of India claims “With a few exceptions, like the

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