Apple Vs. Microsoft Computers

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Apple vs Microsoft computers Which brand is better, Apple’s Mac computers or Microsoft’s window computers? Both are huge technology motivators in our era. The two companies are constantly battling each other with their products. While most common users buy a computer that 's mainstream or popular don’t seem to realize which computer is really best for them. Here we will talk about which computer is best for one by hardware, operating system, and software. Although some people think Apple’s computer hardware is the flagship of computers , people underestimate the price and power of Microsoft’s Windows computers. Now hardware of a Computer is and consists of Random access memory (ram),Central processing unit (CPU), Graphics card (GPU), and data storage. Hardware defines how fast your computer is , now let 's find out which is more convenient for a user. So here we have a Mac Pro for three thousand dollars. It has 12 Gigabytes of RAM, a Quad Core CPU at the speed of 3.5Ghz (gigahertz), 2 AMD D300 graphic cards , along with 256 Gigabyte Solid state Hard Drive (storage). On the other hand we have a Windows ABS berserker computer for eight hundred dollars. It has 16 gigabytes of RAM , an eight core processor at the speed of 3.5ghz, a r9 380x graphics card , and 2 terabytes (2,000 Gigabytes) of a regular hard disk memory, with an addition of a 256 gigabyte solid state Hard Drive for eighty dollars. Now if we look at a benchmark chart of the two , we see the Windows machine is

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