Apple Vs. The.

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Apple vs. The F.B.I. On December 2, 2015, two shooters opened fire at holiday party, killing 14 people and injuring 22. During a gun battle with law enforcement both shooters were killed. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) had recovered a locked and encrypted iPhone that was in the possession of one of the shooters as part of the evidence. The F.B.I. was unable to access any data on the phone and so they turned to Apple for assistance. Apple willingly gave the F.B.I. all information they had available to them. Weeks later the F.B.I. returned to ask Apple for assistance in unlocking the phone. The F.B.I. stated that they were unsure whether or not there was any information pertinent to the investigation on the phone. Apple advised the F.B.I. that they were unable to unlock the phone without the password and suggested that the F.B.I. take the device back to the home of the suspect, plug it in and allow it to back up to the cloud. The phone was owned by the county and was given to the suspect as a result of their employment with the county. Prior to asking for Apple’s assistance, the F.B.I. had instructed the county to reset the iCloud password. As a result of this, Apple’s suggestion to return the device to the home of the suspect would not work as the device no longer had the correct iCloud password. Apple informed the F.B.I. that the company could no longer assist the F.B.I. as they had no way of decrypting the iPhone. The F.B.I. then spoke with the media

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