Apple Watch And Apple Pay

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Apple Watch and Apple Pay Apple CEO Cook announced his first new major product Apple Watch and Apple Pay on September 2014, and these products has established the Tim Cook era. But Apple was not the smartwatch market pioneer, there are a lot of companies that have similar products like Apple does, such as Samsung, Lenovo/Motorola,and Lg, they have occupied a lot of market shares in the worldwide smartwatch market. The market for smartwatches is extremely competitive, but the Apple Watch provides some things different. If people have other Apple products, they can set up connections between their device and the Apple Watch. Apple Watch will make their users feel a lot more connected to their body and comfortable on a new platform. People have more choices with Apple products, the series of Apple products are not only convenient for Apple users, but also for these connections between Apple Watch and other devices will that let users have a higher loyalty. Apple Pay was released with Apple Watch in the same day. With the launch of Apple Pay it can be said that Apple set a benchmark for the industry. Safe, fast and reliable is the basic requirement of mobile payment, the launch of Apple Pay which is based on the Apple company’s reputation and Apple’s integration advantages on hardware and software. So Apple pay were getting a lot of support from Walgreens, Mcdonald’s, Macy’s, Whole Foods and others at early time. 2 million BOA and Chase Bank customers use Apple Pay. Apple pay…
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