Apple and Foxconn Dilemma

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Apple-Foxconn study
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Contents Introduction 3 Problem Regarding Apple supplier- Foxconn 4 Real situations 5 Apple role-Leadership 6 Organization structure 8 Measure for improvement 10 Conclusion 12 References 13

Apple Inc, nowadays is one of well known leaders in the field of electronics items. This American multinational’s headquarters is in Cupertino, California. Its best known products are Mac lines of computers, the ipod, iphone and ipad. There are many competitors are in the market
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* The laws regarding the working condition of the worker is quite flexible in developing countries like China. * The regulating agency only issued warning and never sanction any ban on the non compliances after launching the aggregate campaign with government officials this give chance to Foxconn to repeat its fault again and again. * Media in China is highly regulated by the government and they have not given enough freedom to disclose the ill practices and bad conditions of the workers to mass public. * Availabilty of the workforce ready to work at low wages and worst condition due to huge population of the country like China gives chance to the company like Foxconn to exploit the workers. * Lack of awareness among the workers about their right also worsens the problem. * Giant companies seek the way to maximize the profits so they outsource their work to companies like Foxconn which makes the price reduction by cutting the support system of employees to make the whole process profitable. * Cost cutting practices of the company forces the worker to work for more than 60 hours of work in a week involving all seven days having no rest days. * In extreme conditions the worker is not allowed to take leave if they demand
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