Apple and Their Strategy Essay

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(Apple Inc . 2012) Apple now stands with a value of almost $200billion for their market brand, leading above competitors IBM and Microsoft. It has been named as the “most admired” company by Fortune magazine in 2012 with their iPhone sales rising 81% following the release of the “iPhone4S”. (Fortune Magazine, 2012) Their tactical business decisions will have been aided by the following five strategic models: Ansoff Matrix, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Bowmans Strategy Clock, Value Chain Analysis and Stakeholder Mapping. Through a value chain analysis Apple will attempt to break down the activities which contribute to the creation of their product or service and place them into groups. Firstly into primary activities which are directly concerned with the production of the product or service, such as the production process itself. Secondly into support groups which aid or support the primary activities such as human resources. The reason Apple will carry out this analysis to understand which activities are especially important in creating value and which are not and develop a strategy to increase the value at each stage in order to create and or obtain a competitive advantage. One of the models we are going to address Apple through is the BCG Matrix. The BCG Matrix is a tool used by the corporate parent to aid the

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