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674 Q End-of-book: Case studies

products as being Australian made—multinational ownership notwithstanding. Dick Smith marketed his own Dick Smith-branded food products as not just
Australian made but also made by Australian owned companies, thereby keeping employment and profits in Australia—threatening the brand image of rival multinational brands.
We are starting to see the impact of the ‘buy
Australian’ theme on the marketing plans of multinational companies.

End-of-book: Case studies Q 675

There is no doubt that the launch of Dick Smith
Foods is another successful adventure for Dick Smith and it has created some disturbance for the multinational
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This admission made him think about all the elements that contributed to the growth within the company and the success of Renaissance’s agreement with the Australian company.

Renaissance Corporation Limited
Renaissance has been a publicly listed company in New
Zealand since 1968. Though the company has existed in many forms, its current name was adopted in 1997, at which time key business concentrations were also developed. It functions along three key business streams:
(1) distribution, (2) education, and (3) e-business. The company has built a successful information technology distribution business with a number of leading international brands.
Renaissance has, in the past, had exclusive distribution rights for Apple computer products in New Zealand. However, the global policy of the computer manufacturer now prohibits exclusive deals.
Though exclusivity is no longer possible, Renaissance is still the sole wholesale distributor for Apple locally.
The manufacturer has not moved to cultivate relationships with other New Zealand distributors and has expressed no intention to do so in the future, in spite of the fact that it has done so elsewhere in the world. Sole distributorship of
Apple products provides Renaissance with a degree of credibility in the market.

Renaissance achieves economies of scale through the distribution of multiple brands. The company

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