Apple market position

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CONCLUSION Apple’s iPod is the market leader in digital music1.In United States (US); it holds about 76% of the market and 70% globally. In 2006, it was the first digital music player to be integrated into an American automobile2.This increased the sales of iPod and profits of Apple in general. The launch of its newer generation has immensely increased the profits of Apple. In 2007, with the increase market shares of the iPods, Apple launched the iPhone to reduce the number of electronic gadgets one had to carry. The iPhone was able to generate 27% of the market shares that was dominated by Nokia.In 2008, when it released the iPhone 3G, with an improvement in its interface and Operating System (OS), it forced its major competitors Nokia…show more content…
Though Apple spent a quarter of that amount, the Iphone ‘4’ was a success with a sale of “1.7 million units of the device worldwide during its first week aside its signal problems. If it had spent more I guess the initial complain that it had from customers would not have surfaced and would have increased the demand. Apple Incorporated in the short term can be a major leader but in the medium and long time if it does not maintain its leadership will be a yardstick to be used by consumer in assessing other players in the industry and also minimise the profit margins of its competitors. APPENDIX APPLE’S HISTORY Apple was established on April 1, 1976 in Cupertino, California. It was incorporated in January 1977 to be known as Apple Incorporated. Apple was set up as a personal computer producer. The first of its computers was Macintosh which was launched in 1977. It went public in 1979.It launched the first in 1984 and spent US$1.5 million in television advertisement. Sales boomed initially but went down within a couple of months with the reason of its high product price as compared to its competitors. In 1991, it launched Powerbook which was less bulky than the Macintosh. Its sale was successful. It formed an alliance with IBM and Motorola in 1994 to create a computing platform. 1996 saw a massive employee layoff with the appointment of its new CEO. It purchased
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