Apple 's Business Code Of Conduct

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Apple is a worldwide technology company that designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. The four main products that Apple sells are the Mac computer, the iPhone, the iPad and the Apple watch which all contain the exclusive Apple software. They have 486 stores worldwide in 19 different countries, with online stores in 39 different countries. Since Apple has such a global presence, it is important that they uphold high ethical standards and socially responsibility. Working directly with both suppliers and consumers, the company enforces both a detailed Business Code of Conduct and a Supplier Code of Conduct. Focusing on the Business Code, the highest principles are honesty, respect,…show more content…
Consumer protection is a corporate social responsibility, and Apple heavily enforces this idea. The company uses strong encryption in their software and hardware, and strict policies when concerning consumer information. For example, after the San Bernardino terrorist attack in 2015 that left over fourteen people dead, the attacker had a iPhone with a passcode on it that the FBI was not able to unlock without Apple’s help. The FBI believed that the phone was holding valuable information on it that could have helped find out the man’s motive or if anyone is connected to this fatal accident, but Apple was not willing to unlock the phone for the FBI. In court the judge asked Apple to provide “reasonable technical assistance” to the FBI forces, which would make Apple have to override their systems and compromise the software they had build. The Apple CEO Tim Cook went against the court saying that if they unlocked the iPhone for the FBI in this case, the FBI would have the code to unlock anyone’s phone at any time without the consumer having any idea. Not only could the government get in whenever they want, hackers could easily copy this code then they as well could get into any phone whenever they want. This essentially begged the question, “is it ethical for Apple to not give the FBI access to a terrorist’s phone in order to not compromise the safety of the greater good?” The FBI was ultimately able to go around Apple and unlock
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