Apple 's Competitive Strategy Model

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The case that Apple is dealing with is somewhat of a unique case. It is hard to believe that such a profitable organization can be solely run and operated off of one man’s vision and leadership. This article states that Apple fell as a company when Steve Jobs was fired in the 1980’s and is predicting another fall somewhere in the future now that Steve Jobs is deceased. Steve Jobs’ ideas did not only innovate the market but he strategically positioned Apple to build on one another to create sales revenue from all different target markets using 3 devices along with apps. Since Steve Jobs passed, there have not been any new innovations that Apple has released. Because of this, the case is reporting that Apple is headed towards a more sluggish period than they had become accustomed to. Main Issue Statement: Will Apple continue to dominate the PC market without the creativity and passion of Steve Jobs? Analysis: While viewing Porter’s Competitive Strategy Model, I believe that Apple has differentiated its products from that of the competition. When Apple became the leader in its industry, they did not branch out and try and start new products outside of their norm. They kept with the computers and then ventured into the phones and tablets before any other company. They looked to differentiate the products that they offered to their customers from any other company in their industry. Over time it allowed them to set prices such as the OS X Lion to almost $100 cheaper than
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