Apple 's Distinct Business Model

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Apple began as a conventional computer company, and has proven to be be one of the world’s biggest distributors and designers of electronic devices such as computers and laptops, smartphones, tablets, music players, and now watches and televisions. Apple’s distinct business model offers a unique operating system for all its products. In recent years, Apple has branched out into entertainment and information services. Currently, Apple is one of the world’s largest online retailers of music, streaming video and software solutions, including applications for smartphones (Makos, J. 2015). With any organization there are opportunities and threats. We will examine environmental threats and opportunities that could impact Apple, as well as, where Apple should focus their efforts to decrease the threats and maximize the opportunities. Furthermore, the most significant environmental threats that currently confront the organization would be political factors, economical social factors. The political factors stem from uncontrollable circumstances in relation to geographical precariousness. Apple has outsourced to different countries, for instance, Ireland, China, Korea, Czech Republic, and Cork to reduce operating costs. If there is any political instability or problems in these countries, there could be delays in manufacturing, and it could affect Apples popularity in the eyes of the purchaser. Apple also relies heavily on the lower cost of manufacturing in China.…
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