Apple 's First Circuit Board

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Apple has brought the standard of technology to an all-time high, changing the way the world interacts with each other through their industry leading products. Apple’s main focus was to create a user-friendly product, which was demonstrated with the creation of Apple 1. This was Apple’s first computer circuit board and would go on to become the Macintosh computer. Co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created Apple’s first circuit board in early March 1976, and then unveiled it in April while attending the monthly homebrew computer club meeting. This unveiling would be Apple’s gateway to the future. Months later Wozniak wanted to focus on creating an` all in one computer to use in home or at work. This idea eventually led to the Macintosh computer which is still one of Apple’s number one products. The success of the Macintosh gave Apple its fame and has since created its own line of mobile phones as well as its own music buying platform ITunes. The First Macintosh all in one computer was first marketed during the 1984 Super bowl, it included a colorless display, mouse, and a fancy new casing not yet seen from Apple. As Steve jobs announced the release at Apple’s annual shareholder meeting, hundreds of Apple investors fell in love with the new affordable all in one costing $2,495. Apple’s Mac started flying off shelves. Years later in 1989 after several more releases of the updated Mac came out; Apple created its first Mac PC. “The Macintosh portable, started out at
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