Apple 's Innovative New Product Essay

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Introduction When one thinks about innovation, one might think about the incredible things that humans have done thus far with its existence on earth. From putting a man on the moon to exploring the depths of the ocean, man has innovated devices that push the limits of the human body and its existence. However, for this paper, one might think of innovation as simple a universal remote or an app that controls everything in one’s house. Is Apple, Inc. pushing innovation into realm that will allow humans with iPhones to control everything around them? The main question and idea is: Can innovation become bad? Apple’s Innovative New Product: Home Apple has created a new app called Home. This app allows users with iPhones to connect certain Apple compatible devices to devices in the user’s home and control those devices from the user’s iPhone. This type of innovation is a good idea and has great meaning behind it. The app works for people that have trouble moving around the house or people with limited mobility. People look to have everything in one place, from a one-stop shopping center, to a universal remote control. The home app is an example of a universal remote control. Although the Home app has good intentions and is a step in the right direction for people with limited mobility, it can make mobile people lazy or docile (Gopal, 2016). That person that used to have to walk across the room to turn the light off can now stay in their recliner. Apple, Inc., however, has a
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