Apple 's Organizational Structure And Workplace Practices Essay

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Apple’s organizational structure and workplace practices not only allow for increasingly creative and innovative ideas to emerge, but are also undoubtedly positive for employee well-being. Critically discuss this statement by drawing on the literature related to Motivation, and either Leadership or Culture. Provide practical examples by referring to the practices of Apple.

Apple is one of the most innovative and admired company in terms of technology that produces highly motivated individuals (Businessweek, 2009). Apple ensures that all their employees are proud and in love with the brand so that they get inspired in developing Apple to be the best without any force. Apple balances the innovative part as well as the level of work efficiency and effectiveness. For example, Apple interests and retains employees rewarding them with expected and unexpected incentives and provides offers such as product discounts or insurance (Businessweek, 2009; Fortune, 2009). With regards to the innovative company like Apple, it is argued that employee’s motivation is the major reason for their high-performance results. (“Leadership and Motivation of the Members of the organization”, 2013). Motivation is the internal force introduced within or beyond an individual’s endeavor by activating, supervising and sustaining to accomplish a goal ((Robbins, Coulter, Vohra, 2013). As every individual is unique in different ways and has different types of desire, needs and goals so managers should be
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