Apple 's Principles Of Business Conduct

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Apple has very clear-cut Principles of Business Conduct; Apple success relies on high quality service and products as well has upholding integrity in every business interaction. So, it is no surprise on February 16, 2016 Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly released a letter that was addressed to all Apple customers informing them that Apple would refuse and dispute the order from a U.S Federal Judge. The letter stated that Apple is to assist the FBI access data on the iPhone 5c that was used by Syed Farook, the San Bernardino shooter. There is only one clear way to comply with the FBI order, that is create a new iOS system that can be added to the existing iOS on any iPhone, essentially creating a backdoor into the system and overriding years and years of security that was designed to protect the iPhone user. This places Apple in an ethical dilemma; if they were to do comply with the FBI they would breach two of the four core Principles of Business Conduct: (Apple Business Conduct Policy) Confidentiality. Protect the confidentiality of Apple’s information and the information of our customers, suppliers, and employees. Compliance. Ensure that business decisions comply with applicable laws and regulations. For those not familiar with Apple devices, the company has a number of ways the user can protect his/her self on each device. Typically user utilizes the 4-digit passcode. This means that for every phone there is up to 10,000 different combinations. Guessing 10,000 by hand is

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