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Apple’s been known by their amazing products, every time they bring something new out in the market it makes a huge buzz around it. There was a lot of talk about what will they bring out and what features will it have. Once there is an announcement, everyone gets anxious about their keynote presentation. Well, again they had their annual fall keynote, which is mostly all about iPhone and IOS. This year we got to see some new amazing products that apple unveiled, iphon6 and plus, apple watch, apple pay to compete against their archrivals Samsung. The keynote took place in Cupertino, where Steve Jobs introduced the first Macintosh to the world. Every keynote that apple has always been exciting, but this one was little extra exciting. Apple introduced a lot of great products to the people that will make them happy and will make their lives better. Apple’s keynote has always created a lot of excitement with in the people. Well, again people were excited and elated, when apple reveled their new products to the world. Apple tries to keep everything secret about what they are going to revel, but in nowadays it’s very hard to keep that promise. Everyone knew what kinds of products apple was going to unveil during their keynote presentations. That’s what happened, introduced IPhone 6 and 6 plus, Apple Pay and new to their products Apple Watch. That shocked the world. The keynote presentation began with CEO Tim Cook, unveiling their new IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus. Finally after…
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