Apple 's Supply Chain And Revenue Generated

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Time describes the portion at which goods are created and revenue generated. Time decides how long resources are tied up in processes and unavailable for other uses. Time to develop new goods may important. The better time a company can control the associations that it has with its consumers, the more successful it will become.
Apple spends time and resources on its supply chain and their customers to strengthen the competitive advantages over their competitors. With the CRM, Apple has provided a creative and competitive edge within the world market. It has become one of the highly efficient firms in the world technological department provided its year after year maintenance of its customer base and profit margins. Through its rapid innovation of new or improvised products, Apple endures to lead the technology industry by meeting customers’ needs. Moreover, Apple has provided the best quality services to the customers of products via facilitating a satisfactory user experience in their digital products. In addition, Apple uses tight quality control to minimize customer service problems, their high quality services not only improve customer satisfaction and strengthen customer loyalty, but also retain customers. For example, CRM allows end users to meet face-to-face with technicians and discuss issues and solutions and strengthen brand awareness through CRM-based advertising. Besides, CRM can help Apple understand customers’ needs through web-based customer relationship
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