Apple 's Theory Of Management

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The Apple Watch is just another evidence that makes Apple standout among its rivalries. It reaffirms what Apple is well known for: innovation and design. However, not everyone knows that Apple’s management control is also a factor that led to success. As a matter of fact, during the last two decades of the 20th century, Apple Computer experienced major performance issues (Finkle, T. A., & Mallin, M. L., 2010). Apple’s culture of uncontrolled management was held accountable for those problems. Without doubt, management control plays a crucial role at Apple. Nevertheless, there is a little knowledge about how Apple does that since the company is considered one of the most highly-guarded secrets. For that reason, this paper will illustrate the most appropriate approach, based on Fayol’s theory of management, which Apple can implement to help the Apple Watch and other products, stay ahead of the game. According to Henri, it is management’s duty to ensure that a firm’s “human and material organization is consistent with [its] objectives, resources, and requirements.” In this regard, Apple should be structured to provide clearly defined duties and unity of direction. At the same time, it encourages responsibility, harmonizes activities and coordinates efforts, and ensures control without an “excess of regulation and paper control” (Henri, 1949). In order to do so, Apple follows a multidivisional functional structure. In other words, the management duties are distinct, but they

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