Apple 's Top Software Products

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Apple started off as Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak working out of a garage. They eventually developed the Macintosh, a revolutionary personal computer at the time, and the company skyrocketed. They have become known as one of the world’s most innovative technology companies; consequently, Apple is one of the leading hardware and software manufacturing companies. It is mostly known for its production of personal computers/devices; however, they also manufacture operating software, applications and other technology devices. Apple’s primary products can be broken down into hardware and software products. The company’s top hardware products include: the iPhone, the iPod, the iPad, and the iMac. Each of these personal devices has different prices based on the device, but also the screen resolutions and storage capacities available. Apple’s top software products are iTunes and the iOS App Store. In simpler terms, Apple sells the devices and they also sell what is put on the devices.
On December 12, 1980 Apple became a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ Global Select Market.The ticker symbol of Apple is AAPL. As of October 2nd, it is trading at $109.46 a share. On February 23rd Apple hit its highest price per share at $133 per share and was worth $96.26 way back in October 16th of 2014. If someone bought shares on this day they would have seen a significant increase in the value of their shares.

Apple currently does business in 17 different countries, with a total of 461

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