Apple 's Vision Statement And Mission Statement

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Apple Strategic Plan
Leslie D. Wilkes
Bethel University

MOD 440 Essentials of Strategic Management
Mrs. Payne
June 5, 2017

Apple’s vision statement and mission statement are bases of the company’s success as one of the most valuable companies in the world. Apple value proposition is determined in part by the level of engagement consumers can achieve with their device both in terms of frequency of use and the range of features and services they access. Apple’s competitive advantage is it brand. Apple is the world’s most valuable brand valued at $151B. It grew 6% last year. Apple has fans. Millions of people will buy whatever Apple sells and Apple’s strategic plan has evolved because whenever you hear the
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Apple, Amazon and Samsung are the top 3 brands in the US market, owning 43%, 24% and 11% of the installed base respectively. Looking at these brands, it is clear that iPad users are the most engaged with 32% of users saying they use their iPad constantly throughout the day and 42% saying they use it at least once a day. iPad users are also those that use the widest range of apps and services available on the device. When talking about Apple 's iPad users being more engaged, other short-term web traffic studies have shown that the iPad actually holds more than 75% of tablet web traffic in Canada and the US. That 's value in action. It 's obvious that cheap tablets aren 't really doing anything to engage users to get on the net and use their tablets more. It 's really showing us that most of the iPad alternatives are just being used as book readers.
Apple’s competitive advantage is it brand. According to Forbes, Apple is the World’s most valuable brand valued at $151B. It grew 6% last year. Apple has fans. Millions of people will buy whatever Apple sells. A bigger phone, that’s great innovation, they’ll buy it. A smaller phone, genius, sold. A knack for simplicity Apple has a brand for simplicity, making complex things simple. Before the iPhone, smartphones were complicated. Before the iPod buying digital music was a mess. Before the iPad tablets were cumbersome. Part of their secret sauce is integration. Apple
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