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On January 24, 1984 Apple introduced the first commercially successful personal computer using a mouse and a graphical user interface[i].Since then the war between PC and Mac users has lived. Claims have been made that Apple is too expensive and PC’s are too slow and of cheap quality. After the introduction of Microsoft’s Windows in 1985 the PC market has been dominated due to Microsoft’s Windows operating system[ii]. The domination of the market is largely due to the flexibility of Windows. Microsoft developed their operating system to be compatible with any hardware created by any computer company such as Dell, HP, Sony, IBM, etc. Consequently, Apple’s operating system only worked with Apple’s proprietary hardware. With the
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When asked how these consumers acquired their laptops, 69% stated they purchased it, 11% stated that their parents purchased it, 8% stated that they received it as a gift, 8% stated that their jobs provided it, and 4% other.

Using the rating system previously described, we asked consumers to rate their laptops if they are a great value for the price. Dell’s overall average was a 5.2 while Apple’s overall average was a 4.3. One thing that stood out to us was that Apple owners rated Apple laptops a 5.4 when the rest of the consumers rated them a 3.8. This leads us to believe that owning an Apple laptop may make you believe that it is a great value for its price.

On the next question, we asked consumers to rate their laptops on a uniqueness and design. Here, Apple blew away Dell with an overall rating of 6.3 compared to Dell’s 3.9. Perhaps this could be a reason why Apple laptops appeal to consumers that seek a “cool looking” laptop.

When asked if their laptops provide them with everything they need, both Dell and Apple scored well with a 5.2 and 5.5 overall rating respectively. Since the ratings here are so similar, we cannot conclude that this factor has any effect on consumer’s switching between brands.

Reliability was another characteristic that we asked about in our survey. In this, Apple received a much higher overall rating than Dell, receiving a rating of 6.0 vs Dell’s 4.8. However, if you look at the rating Dell owners gave for Dell laptops,

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