Apple vs. Dell Financial Analysis

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TEAM FINANCIAL ANALYSIS PROJECT SIC Code 3571 – The Electronic & Computers Industry Overview The electronic & computers industry consists of hardware, software, service and an endless array of products, our team chose to narrow the research to PC’s. Including as well computers and computer storage devices such as: DVD drives, and computer peripheral equipment, such as printers and scanners; communications equipment (wireless telephones and telephone switching equipment) and some others. The future of this industry is evolution. An enormous opportunity is open due to all mobile device markets and services such as consulting and Cloud computing that are growing fast. Social networking is changing how companies and customers…show more content…
In services, Dell is adding more capabilities to provide end-to-end technology solutions to customers, including managed security services focused on threat intelligence and security consulting, and on growing their end-user computing business (desktop and mobility offerings). In 2011 Dell acquired more than ten companies whose offerings and intellectual property enhance its solutions business. Dell’s 2011 Total Revenue was $61.5 M and a Net Income of $2.6 M. Key Competitors The competition within this industry is extraordinarily cutthroat. Top player companies within this industry are Hewlett-Packard Company, Apple Inc., IBM Corporation, Dell Inc., Sony and Gateway among others. Dell is the world 's number one direct-sale computer vendor providing a broad range of computer and entertainment products for the consumer and enterprise markets. Sony has refocused its approach to selling computers: instead of appealing primarily to consumers, it is now targeting business customers (mostly small and medium-sized companies). HP 's Personal Systems Group (PSG) markets desktop and notebook PCs to consumer, businesses, government agencies, and schools. Apple is the world 's top computer manufacturer, holding a niche status in a market dominated by "Wintel" machines (computers using Microsoft Windows software and Intel processors). Gateway is perhaps the purest PC player among the leading computer manufactures, which has

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