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The purpose of this paper is to analyze the leadership, structure, and culture of two of the most influential and newsworthy companies in the technology sector: Microsoft and Apple. We will examine how the differences in the three aspects make companies different, and how leadership, culture, and structure influence each other in determining how the company operates and performs. Microsoft is the world’s leading supplier of computer software, specifically focusing on development, manufacturing, licensing, and support. The company operates in three primary divisions: Platforms and Services, Microsoft Business, and Entertainment and Devices (Yahoo! Finance). Microsoft has been extremely successful by staying continuously innovative in its…show more content…
These policies are memorialized in the Corporate Governance Guidelines, to assure that the Board has the necessary authority and practices in place to review and evaluate the company's business operations, and to make decisions that are independent of the company's management ( Since the divisions are provided with the Corporate Governance Guidelines, Microsoft would be classified as having a formal organizational structure. This degree of formality stems from Gates’ desire from control. It has been said that Gates would even require approval for Steve Ballmer’s listed expenses. Microsoft’s exhibits a functional departmentalization by placing their employees in the appropriate divisions based on their specialized skills. The purpose of the new structure is an attempt to place more value on the evolving needs of the customer. By using a functional departmentalization, Microsoft feels they are offering their customers their greatest potential. Microsoft states “We see a new era of opportunity to provide greater value to our customers by weaving both software and services into forms that suit their needs” (Washington Microsoft expresses a transformational structure approach by leading their employees with emphasis on previous experiences and examples in an attempt to learn from the past. With Microsoft’s strong value of the

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