Applebee's Evaluation Essay examples

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Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood As my girlfriend and I pull into a crowded parking lot during a chilly Friday evening, we struggle to find a spot of our own, but manage to do so as we take the place of another young couple as they pull out to leave. I put the car in park as we both gaze at the numerous parties walking into the restaurant. A bright sign, hung lit overhead, shining the phrase "Applebee's Neighborhood Bar and Grill" atop a red brick building. Awnings were placed above every window, and resting on the ground, between each window, was a wooden park bench surrounded by lush, green foliage on either side. The whole place looked as if it had been pulled straight from a friendly neighborhood in the heart of the big apple. I …show more content…
I was already pleased with the experience thus far, but it would only get better upon meeting Sheila. "Hi guys, welcome to Applebee's, my name's Sheila. I'll be your waitress tonight. Is there anything I can get you guys to drink?" A very cliché, and well rehearsed line, but it was pleasantly delivered, and I did in fact feel welcome. She was quick to the table, adding to the speed of the service that we were already receiving. I ordered my usual tall glass of water with a single lemon wedge, and my girlfriend asked for a classic lemonade. She promised that they'd be right out, and within minutes, I heard the clinking of ice, as two oversized glasses, dripping with condensation were placed onto our table. Sheila laid down some straws and asked if we were ready to order. I informed her we'd be needing a moment, as there were so many menu items, and my mouth watered for such a variety, I needed more time to choose. She smiled and left us to decide as she politely greeted a new party that was walking through the door. I was highly impressed with the staff here. They added to the warm and inviting ambience commonly experienced at Applebee's restaurants, and I was loving every minute of it. Our minds were made up, as I decided to press my luck with one of Applebee's own signature classics, Fiesta Lime Chicken. My girlfriend chose to play it safe and went with a mundane order of chicken strips
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