Apple's A Competitive Advantage?

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UMESH MISRA MKT-6301 Apple: How to sustain a Competitive Advantage? 1. A description of what you believe to be the key marketing issue(s)/challenge(s) facing this Organization and Justification. Marketing Issues: • In 1983, Apple hired John Sculley as new CEO. For a while things went well but afterward, both Jobs and Sculley vision soon began to diverge. Sculley shifted business strategy of Apple from premium product with high price tag to producing a low cost product with mass market appeal. This shift was made for Apple to compete with IBM. Apple also collaborated with other companies such as Intel, Novell and even old rival IBM, to bring down the manufacturing cost. As a result, they failed to attract people and lost their image as a premium brand. • Macintosh being the first personal computer was applauded for its unique design and ease of use. But it had slower processor than its competitors and because of Apple’s operating system; it was compatible with few software’s. • It was a very challenging task for Steve Jobs to convince people to buy iPads. And it should happen in such a way that it does affect the sale of other Apple products. It must be placed in between Laptops and Smartphones and must have functionality of both and at the same time some unique feature of its own. • Being in a very competitive market, Apple had to face several challenges by many other companies. Microsoft and Google with their operating systems for Personal Computers and Mobile phones
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