Apple's Financial Position For A Stable Business For The Past 10 Years

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Introduction Apple has managed to establish a stable business for the past 10 years. Their profitability has managed to succeed expectations and stockholders equity has managed to increase continually since 2011. Since Apple’s stockholder equity is steadily increasing, it is safe to say that they are continually turning a profit. When subtracting liabilities from Apple’s assets, Apple has managed to cover their liabilities and retain earnings. The accumulation of retained earnings has allowed the stockholder equity to increase. Summary of Operations Over the past three years, apple has managed to increase their net sales every year. This means that once Apple deducts returns, damaged goods and discounts from their overall sales, they are left with a given figure. Since their net sales have increased significantly over a three year span, Apple must provide a quality product that customers are happy with. Below is a chart that depicts Apple’s net Sales over the past three years, in comparison with Microsoft and Amazon. Financial Position Apple’s financial position seems to be their strong point, compared to their operations aspect of their organization. Luckily for Apple, their working capital, net property, total assets, long term assets and stockholders equity has managed to increase over the past three years. Apple’s working capital went from 17.02 Billion in 2011, to a staggering 29.63 Billion in 2013. This type of data shows that Apple has the opportunity to grow and
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