Apple's Impact On The Computer Industry

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In a competitive industry, there is a wide range of aspects that help determine what companies succeed and fail. Over time, different companies grow and develop competitive relationships that encourage refining of their companies in order to stay relevant in a competitive market. Apple is a prime example of a company that is in a competitive market has had many innovations since its creation to help it stand out from other companies in the computer technology industry. Since the 1970’s Apple computers has made a large impact on the computer industry and has revolutionized what it means to be a computer company. Beginning as a project between Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, many innovations were made in terms of making computers more…show more content…
Going from a price of $22 per share to $29 in a day left the company’s market valuation at $1.778 Billion. Apple has grown into one of the largest technology manufacturing companies and has become known for innovations in both technology and aesthetically pleasing products. Apple more well-known devices include the I-Phone which revolutionized the mobile phone industry, and the I-Mac Laptops and home computers which have been found huge success and are popular among a variety of age groups and demographics. In the mobile phone industry, Apple’s main competitors would be Google who is the creators of the Android operating system which is used by a majority of non-Apple phones. As for the computer industry, Apples main competitors consist of Microsoft who had created the Windows operating system which is used and pre-installed on a large portion of competitor computers, this includes companies like Lenovo, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and Acer. With so much competition in this area and the ever evolving ability of technology as described by Moore’s Law, companies can lose their competitive edge if they become complacent and stop trying to innovate. Due to its popularity, Apple has found large amounts of success, especially in quarters where they release a new product. It is not uncommon that when new products are released that they are sold out within minutes, leaving backorders that can take up to a month to be filled simply due to a
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