Apple's Ipad : A Revolutionary Device

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Apple 's iPad was a revolutionary device. It could be said that it kicked off the increased demand in the tablet industry through its small, attractive design and its intuitive interface. It is a multipurpose device, and there have been studies to assess its use as an educational tool. Gary Falloon conducted an intensive study titled, “What 's the difference? Learning collaboratively using iPads in conventional classrooms.” In this study, he demonstrates how iPads, or similar devices for that matter, can be a valuable aid in the classroom.
After a brief introduction, Falloon recounts the earlier failed attempts at incorporating handheld technology in the classroom. He states that PDAs (pocket digital assistants) were loaded with educational software and used by children to collaboratively solve puzzles. The devices proved to enhance the collaborative experience, but was ultimately hampered by its own limited technical specifications (Falloon, 2015). The new line of computing tablets solves this issue through their advanced computing technology. Classrooms were selected to incorporate iPads into their setting and determine whether they would prove more efficient. The iPads were jailbroken (in essence, “hacked”) and loaded with custom software (Falloon, 2015). Schools opted to use the iPads over other brands or models of tablets as the staff were familiar with them and they had proven to be reliable (Falloon, 2015). As students were given assignments and proceeded to complete…

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