Apple's Make vs Buy Decision

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“Apple’s Make vs. Buy Decision” Instructor: Matthew Gonzalez Course: Human Resource Management Foundation Date: April 27, 2012 Abstract In my research, based on the information given but in my own words, I will explain what approaches to recruiting might be best suited for Apple’s talent acquisition. I will suggest three ways that Apple can effectively plan HR resources, and rank them in order of cost implementation. I will also discuss the benefits that forecasting provides for Apple. Lastly, I will state why you I agree or disagree that this is a necessary first step in all HR resource planning. Based on the information given but in…show more content…
If the recruiter fails to do so it can lead to dissatisfaction. You don’t want to hire and train a person for the job for it not to be what they expected. Training isn’t cheap and to hire someone and they go through training and decide this isn’t a good fit, the company loses and so does the employee. Suggest three ways that Apple can effectively plan for Human Resources. Rank in order of cost to implement. First and foremost, forecasting is important because it will identify labor surplus or shortages. In doing, so Apple will have the ability to fill gaps or shift labor if there is a surplus. Secondly, once they determine where labor surplus or shortages are they can then focus on goal setting and strategic planning. The purpose of setting specific numerical goals is to focus attention on the problem and provide a basis for measuring the organization’s success in addressing labor shortages and surpluses. The goals should come directly from the analysis of labor supply and demand. (Noe, 2011) The last final stage of human resource planning involves implementing the strategies and evaluating the outcomes. When implementing the HR strategy, the organization must hold some individual accountable for achieving the goals. (Noe, 2011) In this stage you can identify whether or not the plan was a success or failure. It is also in this stage that you can alter or made changes regarding labor shortages

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