Apple's Make vs Buy Decision

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Apple’s Make-vs.-Buy Decision Recruitment Approaches for Apple Apple would be best served with sourcing recruitment efforts from private employment agencies for their top technology or engineering positions. Considering the secrecy that surrounds Apple products, head hunters would be able to source out potential right fit candidates for Apple’s top positions. For their more entry level tiers, recruitment efforts at Colleges and Universities would be an effective and affordable approach. Apple also will have its fair share of direct applicants, considering the fact that it is very trendy and appeals to all consumers. As stated in the NY times, it has “cast a spell” on consumers and investors.…show more content…
This is key in identifying whether the plan was a success or failure and what modifications, if any, should be made if a labor shortage or surplus would happen. It is also key in preventing future labor shortages or surpluses by evaluating the plan. Although forecasting can cost the most if a company has not spent the time and money on assessing their labor demands and supply, it can save a company thousands down the road, not just in money but also in employee satisfaction. Properly assessing your jobs, to include job design, job responsibility and the labor it takes to do the job, can save companies from mis managing their labor. Goal setting can also be costly as organizations can hire third party consultants to assist with the labor analysis and make the recommendations on the gap analysis needed to get the company where it needs to be financially. Often these consultants conduct extensive research into the labor habits of the company to assess where there is a surplus of labor and how it can be trimmed. The least expensive part of the plan is the evaluation of the plan and the recommendation of how to proceed. Forecasting As mentioned earlier, forecasting is key in the overall success in accurately identifying labor needs versus the labor supply to avoid potential labor shortages or surpluses. For Apple, forecasting is key when aligning with Apple’s business strategy. They

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