Apple's Profitable but Risky Strategy

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APPLE’S PROFITABLE BUT ISKY STRATEGY Case Study [Type the author name] CASE STUDY ON PROFITABLE BUT RISKY STRATEGY OF APPLE INTRODUCTION: A long term plan and action that is formulated to help a company to setback and achieve a competitive advantage against its competitor and rival is called competitive strategy. This type of strategy is frequently used in marketing, promotion and advertising operations by somehow questioning the rivalry's service or product. Competitive strategies are vital to businesses which are competing in markets for the leading position, the market which is deeply saturated with substitutes for consumers. (Porter,2008). This case study is truly about the competitive strategy of Apple. Apple was…show more content…
This strategy could be a risky and a blunder for Apple’s properly structured strategy. Apple also charge comparatively much higher prices from its users so there should be a change in its strategic management in order to run a business for long run. A new strategy must be made for business operation. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE OF APPLE AND NOKIA: (ON THE BASE OF VALUE ADDED, SUSTAINABILITY AND STRATEGIC DELIVERY THEORIES) Nokia is also one of the main competitors for Apple. Before touch screen and smart phone concept, Nokia was the one leading in mobile market. It has a recognized brand name, leading position in the market. It is known well for the long life cell phones with reliability. Nokia follow the rule to revise its strategy daily or weekly in order to get updated strategy relevant to the competition. These are some main strengths of Nokia. On the other hand it is to be noted that Nokia is now old and mature technology which needs dome modernization. It has less participation in the download music market which makes it weak. (Grünewälder,2008). Apple is known for its brand name for high class. It has modern and smart technology. User friendly interface and its distinct design making it outclass. Apple has expertise in download music market with is app iTunes allowing millions of songs available to download. Apple’s strategy is profitable and to make money. Its weaknesses are high cost, limited and
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