Apple's Social Media Marketing Campaign

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Apple’s Social Media Marketing Campaign Apple’s Social Media Marketing Purpose The purpose of Apple’s social media marketing campaign is to drive discussion around new products and to generate new product ideas and concepts for its consumers. Apple has long been a leader within its technology markets and requires expedited access to consumer reviews and comments about its products. A successful social media campaign will consist of many users discussing products and hearsay about potential products. In the past Apple has left much of its social media conversations solely in the hands of its consumers. Essentially, its strategy was to create a social buzz by staying completely silent, instead letting the rumour mill do the…show more content…
“48% of 18 to 34 year olds check Facebook right when they wake up and about 28% checks their Facebook on their smart phones before getting out of bed. The 35 and older demographic now presents more than 30% of the entire usage” (Hepburn, 2011) . Facebook will allow Apple to connect with our customers on a personal level and receive honest feedback, positive and negative. Apple can provide our customers with a platform to express their need and wants from our firm. Also, with the constant advances Apple will continue to make with its technology, YouTube will provide Apple with a platform to show customers through video, how to maximize usage of Apple’s products. The goal is to show hands on how our product really works! One of Apple’s many marketing programs will be to communicate in the language of its audience. Utilizing avenues in which the audience is already familiar with should allow the company to communicate quickly and successfully. “It makes no sense to talk about things like megabytes, gigahertz, and processing power to customers that simply don’t care about technical jargon. Take a look at any Apple product page and you’ll find that though they do discuss product specifications and technical information, it’s hidden behind the benefits that their audience is truly after. Instead of display resolution, you’ll see phrases like ‘edge to edge glass,’ ‘retina display,’ and ‘LED backlighting.’ Sure, the jargon is
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