Apple's Strategic Business Unit Analysis: Launching Apple iWatch

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Apple Strategic Business Unit Analysis Introduction Creating and launching the Apple iWatch will require intensive levels of collaboration and communication across the company, with specific attention to the three competing strategic business units (SBU) including the iPad, iPhone and iPod/iTouch. Apple has created a culture of innovation that thrives on continual collaboration of concepts combined with clear accountability regarding financial performance to the business unit level (Apple Investor Relations, 2013). This makes the unifying aspect of the Apple iOS operating system critically important to the growth of all business units and their product lines (Cusumano, 2008). One of the most significant paradoxes of the Apple culture are the competitive dynamics that occur for resources across the three competing business units, while also requiring a common foundation of knowledge sharing at the operating system and platform level to ensure consistency. In completing this analysis it was also determined that Apple competes heavily at the SBU level with usability enhancements, a core differentiator for the company for years (Weiss, 2005). Comparing the iWatch Business Unit to the iPad, iPhone and iPod/iTouch The three competing business units for the iWatch, a new product now in development that already has its own business unit due to the significantly different requirements it has for supply chain systems, processes and sources (Apple Investor Relations, 2013) are

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