Apple's Strategic Plan Essay

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unfairlyApple Inc.
Strategic Management of Technological Innovation Course Project TM583
“Apple’s Strategic Plan”
Linda D. Smith Instructor: Professor Gorelick
April 15, 2012

* Introduction The company that will be the topic of discussion in my final project paper is Apple Inc. The company was established on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Apple Inc. was formerly known as Apple Computer, Inc. until January 9, 2007 when the word “Computer” was removed (Wikepedia The Free Encyclopedia, 2012). Apple is a Fortune 500 company whose headquarters is located in Cupertino,
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291). According to Shilling, the marketing strategy for a technological innovation must consider both the nature of the target market and the nature of the innovation by asking questions such as: 1. Can the marketer alleviate customer uncertainty about the innovation? 2. Is the target market composed of large industrial users or individual consumers? 3. Is the innovation likely to appeal only to technophiles or to the mass market? 4. Are the benefits of the technology apparent, or will they require customer education? 5. Will customers respond more to detailed technical content or eye-catching brand images? Utilizing the deployment strategies that has been discussed will help Apple continue to deliver innovative products to a consumer that guarantees excellence and provide enormous profits for its shareholders.
Section 2 - Core Competencies Apple's core competency is innovative design and technology which is depicted in the following diagram:
Apple’s Core Competency Model

The goal is to deliver exceptional experience through superb user interfaces using innovative design and technology. The company's product strategy is based around this, with iTunes, the iPhone with its touch screen "gestures" that are re-used on the iPad, and the Apple

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