Apple's Success And Success

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Success is a goal of every business. There are few companies that enjoy success the way
Apple, Inc does. Fortune Magazine does an Annual ranking of the best companies by revenue known as the Fortune 500. Making it into these top 500 companies is somethin g that is truly to be coveted as being listed among this shows that you are part of the most successful business. In
2015, Apple made it into the Fortune 5
("Fortune 500 List")
. Meaning that of all the companies and businesses that exist in the world, Ap ple was able to make it into the top five of the most successful companies.
One can not guess the number of business that are in existence as there are far too many to count; and because of the amount of change that is happening with business closing or merging. There are close to 50,000 companies listed on the stock exchange. On, the question was asked, "How many companies there are in the world?"
Amar Prahbu answered , "There are 45,508 companies listed in stock exchanges around th e world." Making into the fortune 500 out of the companies listed on the stock exchange would put those companies in the top 1% of publicly traded companies. Apple being a part of the fortune five, has made it into the top .01% of publicly traded companie
Apple is a compan y that is known for promoting creativity, thinking differently, and producing quality electronic products such as…

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