Apple's Use Of Social Media

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Question 4:
Apple’s use of social media:

Apple’s Presence on social media can be somewhat argued as non-existent. Looking at social networking sites we can see that this is evident. They do have a Facebook page but they are relaxed in their response to the public complaints and comments. They have a Twitter handle, @Apple, but it never posts nor does it have a profile picture yet it still has 37 thousand followers.
Although Apple as a whole doesn’t engage on social networking as we can see, they do have account for their various departments and apps, such as, @AppleSupport and Apple Music on Facebook. Apple doesn’t engage with the public on social networking sites concerning issues related to the current Apple vs FBI case. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has a twitter handle but also doesn’t comment or tweet on any issues.
Observing other social media, Apple is quite active on Content Communities. Apple has a YouTube channels where they post videos about their products, users can then comment on the video and give feedback to Apple.
Social media characteristics and Apple:
Authenticity applies to the way the organisation will follow through in what it is trying communicate to its audience. Apple’s choice of social media have limited them in engaging and communicating to the consumer, but has also given them the opportunity to communicate in a more directive way.
After reading their report to the consumer, “A Letter to our Customers”, I have noted that although they
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