Apples to Oranges? (Suicide Attempters VS Suicide Completers)

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The title “Apples to Oranges?: A direct comparison between suicide attempters and suicide completers” immediately grabs readers’ attentions. Though, the title somewhat represents the article. Since the research is conducted within the Major Depressive Disorder population, the more suitable title of the article should read “Apples to Oranges?: A direct comparison between suicide attempters and suicide completers in Major Depressive Disorder population.” The authors write the research article in simple and concise manners. However, it would have been helpful to the readers if the research report contains the definition of terms section in an abstract. The authors write with the assumption that the readers are already healthcare…show more content…
A total of one hundred participants have completed the study or a ratio of fifty suicide attempters and fifty suicide completers. The group size is large enough for the researchers to make a sufficient generalization. The samples have an appropriate combination of both male and female adults in various age groups.
The article specifically identifies the person who collects the data as “a doctoral level clinical psychology graduate student,” and is qualified and trained to work in the field (DeJong et al, 2010). Researchers use various instruments to collect specific information about suicide attempters and suicidal completers such as Suicidal checklists and Risk-rescue rating scale. Suicidal checklists gather information regarding patient’s “suicidal behaviors, life stressors, and historical variables” (DeJong et al, 2010). Risk-rescue rating scale is also used to rate the lethality of suicide attempters. With the result from Risk-rescue rating scale, the researchers classify the suicidal attempters into two groups: low-lethality and high lethality (DeJong et al, 2010). Even though the instruments are identified in the method section, researchers do not thoroughly describe the instruments. It would be appropriate to further discuss the type of scale, the outcome of scores, and the meaning of scores in

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