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For car servicing in Appley Bridge, Blackmoor Garage offers while-you-wait appointments. Having your car regularly serviced can make the difference between it running smoothly and fuel efficiently, and the risk of it breaking down and needing an expensive and unexpected repair. It is unwise to avoid regular car servicing, since expected wear and tear requiring minor maintenance, can fast become a costly major repair or replacement.

The service schedule for your car will depend on the manufacturer and on the car’s mileage and age. In Appley Bridge, car servicing can help identify potential problems before they become real ones. It ensures that essential checks are done on critical vehicle components of the car. The suspension and the braking system are checked to make sure that these vital parts don't break down when you need them most.. As a leading independent garage, we provide main dealer level servicing for all makes and models of vehicle. If your car is still under warranty, the Block Exemption allows car owners the choice of garage for their vehicle’s servicing and repairs.
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Failing to service your vehicle each year to save a few pounds is a false economy. When it is time for car servicing, contact Blackmoor Garage for more details. We know how busy life is, and for this reason, we provide an efficient service. Should it be necessary to leave your car with us, we do provide a courtesy car. If you prefer to wait while your car is being serviced, we have a comfortable reception with ample seating and coffee for your convenience. A part of the local community since 1936, we pride ourselves on our excellent service and good value for
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