Appliances Control Using Ethernet And Raspberry Pi

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Appliances Control Using Ethernet and Raspberry Pi
Tarun Kumar Patel1, Utkarsh Wadekar2, Aniket Wabale3, Prof.S.S.Datkhore4
Department of Electronics and telecommunication
JSPM’s Imperial College Of Engineering
Wagholi, Pune, India.

ABSTRACT: The aim of this work is to develop an embedded system directed at automating appliances in an industry via Ethernet. Previously Anish NK , Kowshick B , S.Moorthi presented paper on “Ethernet based Industry Automation using FPGA” in year 2013 whereas GopinathS, BhanuprasadP, Harish, SindhuraG, Gautam R.P, Shivas.v.c,Sindhu.B,James.C presented paper on “Bluetooth Communication using touch screen interface with Raspberry Pi”. Considering their results we have designed a system which employs server/client architecture; switching commands for the appliances which are connected to the client can be received and displayed at either end. The data containing information about the control commands are transferred between the end points of communication using Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). The remote host processes the commands received and translates them into actions of switching particular appliances ON or OFF. This type of control system gives the liberty for control of appliances from remote locations connected through Ethernet. A novel embedded system has been designed, implemented on Raspberry Pi and a small-scale prototype is developed and tested.
Keywords—Ethernet, Appliance Automation, Raspberry Pi, Transmission Control
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