Applicability of the Dysfunctional Attitude Scale

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The paper outlines the usefulness of this tool to this group and identifies the population this tool is best designed for and this tool's validity. Moreover, the paper describes how DAS enhances the assessment phase in nursing processes and its impact on the quality of health delivered by nurses incorporating Jean Watson's theory of caring.
Use of DAS to the Study Group
Polygamous families are characterized by stress, quarrels and neglect. Women and children in polygamist families are ignored in situations where their fathers have more than two wives and excesses of 10 children. This creates tensions in the family resulting in emotional turmoil, negative self-schema which ultimately plunges them into depression. Depression makes these individuals experience deteriorating quality of life and as such, DAS is used to help identify and correct their dysfunctional attitudes, thus reducing depression.
DAS is recommended for this group as it is reliable and gives correct prediction and outcomes regarding depression. This assessment tool is easy to use; it is a self-report scale consisting of 40 items with each item having a statement and 7-point Likert scale. The questions used in this assessment are direct and easy making it efficient for most individuals' use (de Graaf, Roelofs, & Huibers, 2009). Besides,…
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