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Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
Initial / Project Charter

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Approach to Measure Project Results 10
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• Performance excellence creates better opportunity to match the right candidate without having to spend endless hours searching through thousands of candidates profiles.
• Regulatory excellence allows Ford to be compliant with the Federal Law

Current View of the Situation:
Current Applicant tracking process is unorganized and has various holes that make hiring the right candidate extremely difficult. Current system is a combination of various databases that compounds the possibility of error and makes the candidate searching and selecting process extremely difficult, slow and tedious. Ford's current applicant tracking process is inconsistently defined, applied and tracked. The variability exists by hiring classification (direct hire, FCG, intern, etc) and by skill team (Finance, Product Development, Manufacturing, etc). These issues are compounded by the reliance on multiple Information Technology (IT) Systems interfaces that the Company's relies upon for applicant tracking, data reporting, and government compliance.

Better View of the Situation:
A robust and comprehensive Applicant Tracking System that supports common and standard recruiting, selection, assessment, and on boarding processes; presents an interactive and consistent One Ford experience to the candidate; reduces manual administration for the HR recruiting team and hiring
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